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Fall 2013 Finals Announcement

Heather Williams
Fall 2013 Finals Announcement
by Heather Williams - Monday, December 9, 2013, 8:50 AM

Dear Students,

There appears to be some confusion about the process for finals week. All classes are now completed. Starting Monday you will no longer go to classes that are on your schedule. For final exam week you only attend your final exams. There will be one exam period for each of your courses. You can find information about your finals for each class in the course syllabus or by visiting this link: 

Locate your class under its normal class time. This will provide the date and time for your final exam.

Please note that the exam may start earlier than your normal class time.  Do not be late. The professor will not be able to change the exam time for you. 

Best of luck to you as you finish your semester. Study hard and finish strong!

Mrs. Heather Poole